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Gambling: Is It Really Just About Money?

Gambling is a kind of activity that people define in different ways. Some people assume that gambling is a kind of exercise of money matters. When this definition is being brought up, it is usually inevitable to refer to gambling as a mere game of chance. But there are others who have a deeper understanding regarding gambling, yet for some reason, this understanding is still coupled with one or two references about money.

People usually rely on this thought and whenever someone asks them about gambling, their answers may depend on this single thought with a single reason: that gambling almost always involves money, and everybody knows it. The most-asked questions are: what is gambling all about? What good does it bring? Why is it that once people start, they usually find it hard to stop with this activity? These are most of the questions that requires understanding but which some usually ignore.

There are things that should understood by many people. First, when it comes to the word gambling, people should not neglect the fact that gambling could sometimes result into good things. Gambling in general may be defined as a game that involves money, but even though if it involves money, it should be considered that this is something that players put seriousness and challenge themselves into so that they could win the pot of money.

Based on the negation regarding the definition of gambling, here is something that needs to be stressed: gambling should not just be defined only as something that's all money, money, money. There are different kinds of gambling. And now, not all forms of gambling bet actual, physical money. In the end, what still matters are the skills you have honed, the improved relationships you had with people, and the enjoyment you got from playing a game of gambling.

The Assumption On Gamblers

Most people who love and enjoy gambling as a good practice assume that it will somehow be profitable to them. Gamblers usually believe that in gambling, the possibility to win seems to depends on one's ability to handle the game, not really the luck or chances that one has on it. The confidence of the gamblers is always present, which maybe the reason why people become stuck to gambling activities.

Each of the gamblers has the confidence to win. They carry not only the belief to win but the talent to accomplish the game in their own unique way. In some points, some people are inclined to the thinking that when a person gambles, it can produce profit. They could earn simply in an easy way. The idea proposed occupies greatly in the mind of many people and they end up proclaiming that when a person continuously practice gambling and put it as part of a habit the possibility to become better offers much. Only those who really know gambling usually decline this thought and assume that a person who is stick with gambling somehow gets wasted.

Bottom line: gambling is not all about money. But it shouldn't define your entire life. And, it should not be viewed upon as parallel to the concept of livelihood.

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